On September 14th, 2018, TGW International and Pearl Technologies become one company: Edge Industrial Technologies.


Combining TGW and Pearl is about bringing together two industry powerhouses to fuel topline growth. We have reached this critical milestone as a result of the hard work and dedication of generations of employees selling superior products around the world.

More About The Companies

TGW International, Inc.

Pearl Technologies, Inc.

TGW is a world leader in machine knife manufacturing with facilities and distributors scattered around the globe. We leverage the global reach that you would expect from the industry leader. TGW manufactures knives on three continents, at our plants in New York, USA; Sheffield, England; Indore, India.

We offer best-in-class service and responsiveness. No matter what your needs are, you can count on TGW’s knowledge and experience to be your valued partner, providing superior quality products... Delivered.

Pearl is the​ leading​​ ​specialist in​ bubble and web management. Our innovations​ ​​in low coefficient of friction materials allow us to​ ​​be the expert in collapsing, gusseting, web handling and much more.

Not only does Pearl design and manufacture the highest quality punches and blades, but we are also constantly innovating and providing solutions. We offer a very large variety of user-friendly attachments for slitting, sealing, spreading, punching, perfing, crimping, and more.

Contact Information:

Pearl Technologies Inc.

P.O. Box 196

13297 Seneca Street

Savannah, NY 13146

Phone: 315-365-3742

Fax: 315-365-3433

Email: sales@pearltechinc.com

Website: www.pearltechinc.com


North America Contact Information

TGW International, Inc.

5 Braco International Blvd.

Wilder, KY 41076 USA

Phone: 859-647-7383

Toll Free: 1-800-407-0173

Fax: 1-859-647-7877

Email: sales@tgwint.com

Website: www.tgwint.com

Outside of North America Contact Information

TGW Global

22 Atlas Way



Phone: 44 (0) 114 244 5600

Email: sales@tgwglobal.com

Website: www.tgwint.com


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