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EDGE Industrial Technologies

Setting the standard for quality products that deliver excellence time after time.

EDGE Industrial Technologies brings an unmatched expertise to a global customer base with the combination of three brands: TGW International, Pearl Technologies Inc., and Leverwood Knife Works. Together, these companies serve the packaging, food processing, converting, plastics and printing industries.

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Our History

EDGE came to be in 2018, when Blue Wolf Capital acquired TGW International and TGW Global, and merged them with Pearl Technologies, a company that Blue Wolf acquired in 2011.

In 2021, EDGE acquired Leverwood Knife Works of Red Lion, PA, and with an eye to the future, doubled Leverwood’s capacity. Moving forward, EDGE is continuing the focus on US-made quality and delivery. The company is now also better suited to take on more custom industrial blade design jobs.

EDGE companies are leading producers of industrial machine knives and blades, industrial punches and related equipment, for a wide variety of markets.

We are a global leader in the manufacture of these products, with plants in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Meet Our Team

EDGE Industrial Technologies has a highly trained and experienced staff dedicated to maintaining our global customer base.

Bob Woodbury


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Jim Gaines


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Jane Coyne

President – Pearl Technologies Inc.

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Patrick Lever

President – Leverwood Knifeworks

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Rocke Saccone

Vice President of Sales

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Eric Pfeiffer

Vice President of Marketing

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Dawn Shannon

Vice President of Global Key Accounts

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Jennifer Fowler

Marketing Manager

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Joanne Teegarden

Human Resources / Safety Manager

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